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Why Choose Kirkland Kids Dentistry?

Children are our specialty. We understand and welcome their fun, unpredictable, and innocent nature. Our team enjoys making a special connection with our tiny patients through education and play-time. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for our patients where they can receive the level of attention that is appropriate for their age.
Our entire office is designed to serve the needs of our young patients. Siblings are encouraged to sit next to each other and see each other during visits, thanks to our open office design. Children can model the way they act from one another and actively participate in their treatment.

Other child-centric features:

  • Infants and toddlers can find comfort from sitting on their parent’s lap during the entire appointment.
  • One of our strong values is community, we want parents to be involved in every part of their children’s treatment including check-ups, cleanings, and other aspects of the visit.
  • We want our young patients to have fun and be comfortable, we encourage this by providing stuffed animals, toys, and access to TVs.
  • Our office focuses on serving the needs of children and only children with years of experience, they work toward ensuring a successful, fun, and informative appointment during each visit.
  • Both Dr. Kim and Dr. Allyson are board-certified Pediatric Dentists. This means that the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry has validated their expertise and they have an additional two years of pediatric residency training beyond their dental degrees.

At what age should I bring my toddler in?

We recommend that your child visits us by age one. This allows us to ensure that we work together to establish healthy oral hygiene habits to care for their teeth as early as possible.

Once your child becomes an established patient, we recommend two visits per year scheduled six months apart. During these visits, your child will receive professional cleanings and exams. By seeing us twice a year, we will establish a relationship with your child and adapt our approach as needed. We will monitor their development and provide preventative care as needed.

We encourage you to choose Smile Kirkland Kids as the dental home for your little one to establish a dental care routine complete with regular checkups with one of our pediatric dentists.

Learning about Your Child’s Teeth

Teeth typically begin to erupt between the ages of six and twelve months and won’t stop erupting until around age three. During the eruption process, your child may experience tenderness and soreness on their gums. You can ease their discomfort by rubbing a cool wet cloth or even your finger across their gums. You can also provide a teething ring. When the teething process is concluded, your child should have 20 primary teeth.

Teething, how can the experience be more comfortable?

There is no absolute solution for teething troubles but there are some tricks that can help ease your child’s discomfort. A great way to ease your child’s pain and tenderness are to offer cold things. You can offer chilled teething toys and fruits such as melon, watermelon, and mango. You should also encourage the child to get a good night’s rest by making them as comfortable as possible. Once you have tried the cold without success, you may want to consider medications. Children’s acetaminophen such as Tylenol can help and is recommended by pediatric specialists. Numbing agents such as Orajel or teething tablets are discouraged due to the lack of control when dosing.

Fluoride? X-Rays?

We offer both services for our patients. We believe in empowering you to make the best decisions for your child, if your family lives a fluoride-free lifestyle or wants to avoid x-rays, we will support your decision. We believe in adapting our treatment approach to fit the needs of our clients.

The dental x-rays we offer at our office are very safe. We offer digital x-rays and high-speed film x-ray options. Most patients are exposed to more radiation from the sun than from dental x-rays.

Fluoride dental use is divided into systematic and topical use. Systematic use refers to consuming fluoride through the consumption of water and foods. In systematic fluoride use, the agent enters the bloodstream and makes the teeth stronger during the development stage while they are still under the gum line. In topical fluoride use, fluoride is applied to the teeth to make them stronger and prevent cavities from forming or expanding.

Contact us today!

Our entire team is excited to meet you and make your experience as enjoyable as possible! We are a group of knowledgeable, kindhearted, and empathetic individuals. We love our Kirkland community and are confident that you will love Kirkland Kids Dentistry!

We place a great deal of attention and effort to making sure your child’s first visit to Kirkland Kids Dentistry is as comfortable and fun as possible. Our top priority is ensuring that our young patients know they are in a safe space. We invite our tiny patients to be active participants in their care by explaining what we do, allowing them to learn through play, and allowing them to get comfortable with the people and equipment available at our office.

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